Tuesday, 31 July 2012

Why pay full price? Be alittle thrifty.

There are so many people cash strapped each week more and more people  looking out for bargain in the shops. Have you noticed recently alot more sales and discounts in store.

Recently I took a trip shopping and discovered the beauty and joy of the sales.   I have never been one to find a bargain in the sale rack of any store, but since losing weight I have found that this task is much easier.   Sizes are more for me than ever before.    On my recent shopping trip I discovered clothes that were less than half price than their original price. These were classic items like those I previously described on fashion Friday.   So getting classics at a good price is always self satisfying.

But this makes think – if a store can reduce prices so drastically in a sale why do we need to pay full price for clothing?  Sale shopping can be madness and there are people who get up out of bed for a store to open at 0500am.  I am not one of those shoppers - never have been and that is not about to change any time soon.   But seriously, if you could get exactly what you wanted for next to nothing price wise would you do it? But when is the right time to get the items you want so that they are actually a bargain and a good deal.

Remember, something is only a bargain if you actually need it and will wear it, other than that you are wasting your money so please be careful.

Its all about planning.  Most stores once they get in new items will then have a sale on those items approximately 7 weeks after they have arrived.  So if you have the patience; hold out and see if the item you want really does go down in price.

If you are looking for winter items – you should buy them at the start of spring when the sales are on.  Remember if you are looking to buy classic you will always find something of a bargain and remember to buy something that will definitely bring you in to next year and not something that is good for now.  
Need summer items for next year – you should be looking now! Yes now.   Get out in to those stores now as there are many many sales which are currently on.

The above rules don’t only apply to clothing, but also to everyday items such as TV’s or washers.   These items normally go on sale around holiday weekends and especially the start of the New Year.   Of course, if your washer goes before then there is nothing you can do but shop around.

Under normal circumstances, shopping around is the best way to buy.  Remember to price stores in your local town along side stores on the internet.  For example,  if I buy my normal make up in my local two it will cost be 28€ plus 3€ to park.   Ok so now my make up is costing me 31€.  Compare that online, whereby I don’t have to leave the house it costs me 26€ and there is no other post and packing charges.   So, you see shopping around really will help you save money.

Why do we need to pay full price for any item when sales and research will help us get the items we want at a lower price.    This really is the way to go – take a few minutes before your next purchase and think – can I get this at a lower price?  Yes,  Do I want the item at full price? No – then I am going to chance it and wait it out.
Best of luck finding your shopping bargains and a great price.

Have you any other helpful hints and tips on getting a bargain in store or online.  Why not add them to the comments. 


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