Friday, 20 July 2012

My Fashion Style

I love fashion but a long time ago I gave up buying magazines with over priced fashions that I knew I couldn’t afford – and in that I stumbled across the world of Fashion Bloggers.  These ladies are amazing and blog for the love of fashion. 

It was by reading online fashion bloggers that I discovered what my style actually is.  Looking at fashion magazines it confused me (btw it doesn’t take much) – each page had a different style but none were for a short girl with an hour glass figure.  I could never replicate what I saw on the pages of the magazines, but then with fashion bloggers – these are real women like you and me and they are showing us how they dress in clothes that we can go out and buy in a store and afford. And regardless of whether these women are tall or small you can see what real fashion is like on real women.   To sum it up – Fashion Bloggers are taking over the world of fashion.  Move over Vogue – these girls are coming.

One thing about losing weight it helps give you a confidence to go in to a fitting room with something you never thought that you could wear just to try it on.  You never really know your own style until you bring something in to that fitting room to try it on.  Don’t be afraid to laugh at yourself if something doesn’t suit you.  No one else sees you in that fitting room so its ok.

If I am to sum up my style to you in one sentence I would describe it as follows
sexy, 50’s, 


In one outfit or another I encompass one of the above words.   So you see looking through a magazine where they have boho chic  or some other fancy word never actually summed me up.    

So let me share some of my daily reads with you. 

Enjoy reading and discovering what your style is.


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