Thursday, 19 July 2012

Quick Weight Watcher Update

I went to weight watchers today – it had been six weeks since I was last there.  Everyone pointed this out – not in a bad way but in a “are you ok?”  kinda way.   I thought this was nice as I have been going through some stuff at the moment and I didn’t get in to my weight watchers meeting.  Sometimes meetings can feel anonymous like no one really knows you or will miss you.  I felt a great sense of warmth and community this morning when I attended my meeting.

I need the commitment of physically going in and getting weighed.  If I don’t have that – I can easily loose it and go back to where I was. 

But the good news – if you can call it that is that I am up one pound and half.  Which makes my weight now 9 stone 10 ½ pounds.  To be honest, considering it has been six weeks – that ain’t half bad is it?
Ok – so back to pointing for the rest of the week and back to exercising.  Repeat after me -  I can do this.  I can do this .... I can do this ...... 


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