Friday, 27 July 2012

The classics and the basics every girl must have in their wardrobe

Every wardrobe needs some classic items in there that will take you season to season.  Let’s be honest, not everyone can afford to buy new clothes at every turn.     I also believe that your style doesn’t have change with every new fashion phase which seems to pop up on the runway or magazines.   Buying new fashion every few months ends up costly, when you buy an item think about cost per wear rather than is it on trend or not.    Having a wardrobe full of clothes does not necessarily mean that you have something to wear does it?  No, because a trend has passed and you will no longer wear an item of fear of making a fashion faux pas.  A fear my friend recently realised and ended up giving three bags of clothes to charity shops.
So lets me take you through some fashion classics and basics which also appear in my wardrobe.  In some cases I have paid a bit more for these items as only because I know that only do I get this season out of them I will also get next and hopefully the following.  Fashion doesn’t have to be on trend to fashionable – it needs to be timeless. 

Black dress
This is little number is a classic for a reason.  A black dress will take you through any event whether it is business or friends party.  The best thing about a black dress is that you can match in any accessories colour that you wish or that is currently in trend.
White t-shirt
Whether long sleeve or short sleeve this is a classic again for a reason.   Jeans and t-shirt can be stylish when worn with the right shoes, handbag and jewellery and it can also be a nice relax style as well. 
Black coat
A black coat is good for all occasions.  It is another wardrobe classic that will take you through any event and will look fabulous over so many items.    Again a black coat is something that you can match up the colours which are currently on trend and voila a classic is again in fashion.  The same can be done with a brown coat – placing orange and corals with this colour will add a pop of on-trend to your outfit.

Nice fitting classic word trousers.
Every wardrobe needs a good trouser.  A trouser which has a good fit and will take you through from day to night.  Whether it is black or brown – either classic colour will serve your wardrobe well. 
Fantastic Fit Denims.
Spend time and spend some money on a classic and comfortable pair of denims.   These are a classic item for any wardrobe and can take you from lunch with the girls to dinner with the man in your life. 
Shoes / Shoes / Shoes
We all need the comfortable work shoe but we also need a classic statement shoe.  That shoe that will pop any outfit that you have from your denims to your black dress.  Some examples below.


 Nude Classic shoe that will go with everything 

Classic Handbag
I love handbags – I have them in all shapes and sizes and colours.   But one thing I have realised is that a bigger handbag is more versatile for a reason.  It can take you from day to night and have every item you will need to get you through the day in there!  So for that reason I have two handbags shown below. 


For the night time and that special occasion it is safe to say that you will need a small classic clutch bag that will get you through.  But I would never spend too much money on those as you can easily stay on trend by getting the most up to date colours from places like Primark or A-wear at very reasonable prices.

Tank Tops
Get yourself two – one in black and one in white – perfect over a black / brown pants and over a denims as well.  Another classic look that will take you through work or lunch with the girls to an evening event. 

White Shirt
Another classic that goes from work to play.  Take time to pick the right one and you will see how fashionable these really can be.

I hope that you have some of these items already in your wardrobe and if not take some time the on your next shopping trip to pick up one or two items on my list.

What are you fashion classics and basics that you would never be without.  Share them in the comments section below.


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