Tuesday, 24 July 2012

What does it actually mean and how can I start?

Thrifty means being frugal and economical and heaven knows in a time of recession we all need to be thriftier wherever we can.  For me it is looking at getting coupons, discount codes and looking to see where I can get the best value for my money. 

There are some great sites out there that will allow you to print off coupons that you can bring to your local supermarket and claim money off items e.g 50cent off bread or your detergent.   Print these out people there is no shame in saving money wherever you can.  Of course, it is not a bargain or a saving it you are buying that item just because there is 50 cent off the original price.  So take note.

But there are not only coupons out there – many stores and brands are doing special offers for example, my normal size box of washing powder is 10 euro but recently I came across a double size box normally priced at 20euro for 10euro. Half Price – I snapped it up there and then even though I didn’t need the powder yet – it is the brand I use and I will need it.  I saved myself 10euro.  

Being thrifty doesn’t mean that you have to cut back on items that you normally buy, it just means that you need to search out the bargains that are out there to be had.

But not only with food items with clothing as well. Recently I went shopping – I had no real intention of buying anything as money is fairly tight at the moment as I am currently not in work.  However the stores that I visited had sales on which meant discounts – I got three dresses – yes three for 60euro. Each dress was an average of 20euro each.  I know have three sassy dresses for technically the cost of one.   So maybe clothes shopping is not to be avoided after all.

Even in terms of internet shopping you will find discount codes that can be used on a certain site which will give you a 10% discount – so why go out there and find them. What sites do you use?  Why not add them in the comment section on the blog.

My one tip that I would like to leave you all with today is use coupons.  The Americans are very big on couponing and when you look at the sites they have dedicated purely for coupons you can understand why this is such a craze at the moment.  Ireland and the United kingdom are finally catching up with our American cousins in this regard.

A site which I use is www.pigsback.com but I know there are probably other undiscovered sites out there that I haven’t come across yet.

Any recommendations?


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  1. Excellent advice - will check out pigsback. Boards.ie has a bargain section as well. People should check it out.