Wednesday, 18 July 2012

Hello World!

Hello World! 

Thank you for stumbling in to my little piece of the internet.  This is a place whereby I will share thoughts, reviews, and little bits of everything with the internet world.  Starting this off I am not sure if anyone will read this but I want to say if you are and have decided to stay, I hope that we will become friends. 

I have started this blog as I have recently found myself with a little bit of extra time due to being temporarily laid off at work.  I have always toyed with the idea of a blog and now that I have the time – sure why not! I have a lot of posts created already in terms of my work situation which I hope will help people in the future if they find themselves going through what I am.  But I am not going to post them just yet.

What I will say for my first blog post is  - hello world ! 


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