Monday, 30 July 2012

Home Organisation – the rules

Last week I told you how I am finally going through the house and clearing and decluttering everywhere!  I have discovered some new rules which I am now following in order to continue maintaining an uncluttered home. 

  • If you wear something – remember to either put it in the wash basket or hang it up when finished with it.
  • If you drop it – pick it up.
  • If you eat – clean up directly afterwards, don’t procrastinate.

Spend five minutes each morning on the following tasks:

  • Cleaning up after breakfast,
  • Cleaning the bathroom
  • Making / tidying your bedroom.
Remember at the end of the day walking back in to a clean and peaceful home will extend to your mind also.  It will keep you calm and eliminate another order of stress from your day. 

These are all small things – but essential to keep and maintain an organised home.   What are your tips? Add them to the comment section below 


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