Saturday, 21 July 2012

What are my beauty staples?

I am a self confessed beauty addict.  I will buy and try anything new – but in these times of recession that part of my life has stopped! I can’t afford to buy something new just to try it.  But looking at my cabinet full of lotions and potions do you know what I have discovered – that the majority of items in my cabinet are not the expensive lotion promising to do wonders for me – but they are over the counter supermarket bought items.
These are my trusted brands and no matter how much I have spent in the past on beauty bits and pieces these ones remain my go to guys.  

Nivea Daily Essentials facial wash   - this will cost approximately 4 / 5 euro depending on where you buy it but it is important to keep your eyes open as this tends to be on special in supermarkets and other chemists. 

It has a gel like texture which makes taking off make up quite easy and it leaves your skin feeling soft and clean.  It is not so great at taking off eyeliner and mascara and sometimes I end up needing to go back over again separately specifically on my eyes – but hey that’s not the end of the world.  The product doesn’t dry out my skin and leaves it feeling refreshingly clean.    

Nivea Visage Light day Moisturiser.     Price wise – as above, this is cheap and cheerful and watch out for special offers !
Firstly with moisturisers especially when you are going to apply make up afterwards  - don’t put loads on your face.  This is a non greasy moisturiser so just a small little piece will be enough to gently cover your face.  You don’t want to need to leave hours before you put on your make up while it dries do you?
Gently applying your moisturiser in upwards strokes is supposed to be good for your skin as it is moving the blood for your heart up to your face – or something crazy like that.    But needless to say I do it anyway – even if it is alittle cray cray !   

Remember above I said that I use two moisturisers, well this is my second one and my night one.  Baring in mind cost – this is another one which is fantastically priced – for approximately 7 euro I have a moisturiser that does everywhere!
This one is greasy, which is why I only use it as night so as to allow my face time to absorb it in without having to put make up on over it.    You don’t need to take loads of it and blob it on your skin but alittle for your face.  I also use this on my body, at night I take time to moisturise my legs and elbows as these are my spots which tend to dry out more often than not.
Another thing to note with this, I bring this one moisturiser on holidays with me.  I find that it is easier to pack one does all rather than bring mountains of lotions and potions.  Plus I find that the sun can dry out my skin so this one really does cover all bases for me.


come on I am not really telling you guys anything that you don’t already know.  How fantastic is this product. 

From moisturising  lips, giving sheen to your eyesbrows and checks and even on my feet in the night time I cannot tell you enough how great this product is.  Again, cheap as chips.
In the night time – before you go to bed – not every night, maybe once a week for Sunday pampering, rub some Vaseline on to your feet and put on some cosy socks and let the Vaseline work in and make your skin feel soft and supple.  Miracle product that works on the same premise as the more expensive Elizabeth Arden 8 hour cream.  Why bother with expensive when you can have the same product at a fraction of the cost.

So all these products come in at under ten euro each – why on earth would anyone need an expensive product when these guys do exactly what they say on the tin. 

What products do you use?  Recommend some in the comments section below.


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