Wednesday, 1 August 2012

What exercise are you doing to stay in shape?

When I first joined Weight Watchers I dreaded the word exercise.  I had seen people who were much skinnier and fitter than me going to the gym, running or walking to keep fit.  At that point I felt like I was too fat to do any of that.   But it was also at that point that I realised everyone has to start somewhere.   So I did.
My exercise of choice is walking.  I love getting out in to the fresh air putting on my music and just walking.   It feels so invigorating after a day in the office to come home and put on my work out gear and go.  Whilst out walking I find that my thoughts often wander to what went on during the day in work, replaying a discussion in my head with a friend or family member.  But most importantly I find it very good to take a moment to think why the hell I am doing this.  Why I have decided on a cold Irish Winters night to go for a walk – well it is simple my health. 

I have tried many sports since I starting with Weight Watchers, some because I have always wanted to and I found confidence to do so when I started losing weight.  Others because I thought they would be fun.
I tried many times when I was younger to learn how to swim – and my new found confidence of losing weight helped me get back in the pool and learn how to swim.  I enjoyed it and it was great exercise and it also helped me achieve a dream – being able to swim. I am now not so scared to get in the pool when I go on holidays.

For fun i joined a salsa class – it was one of those salsa to lose weight classes. I enjoyed the salsa part but the instructor was an utter tyrant and took the fun out of the class for me so i finished the course and put it down to experience.

No matter what type of exercise I tried the one thing that I have loved and enjoyed doing is putting on my running shoes and putting in my iPod and just walking.  And you know what it’s free.  I am a great believer in fresh air being brilliant for your mind, body and soul.  This way it is.   

I also find that walking fits better in to my lifestyle in that you are not stuck to set regime – you can go whenever you have some spare time in comparison to a class whereby you are stuck to a timetable.  I often see people when I am driving to work at 0730 in the morning and they are out walking as it is only the time of the day that they can get to fit this in to their schedule.  Or on my way home from work at 1730 people are out walking as well.

I tend to go walking about 1830 – you see thats the thing it doesn’t matter what time of the day it is – you can always go walking.  You don’t have to wait for someone to be free to join you – you don’t have to wait for space in a class. You can just go! 

I am now at a point that I never thought I would be at - I miss when I don't go for a walk. I miss when I have not done any exercise at all in my day.  Thats a good sign and a sign that I am fit and healthy and in a better place than I was three years ago when to walk to the bathroom was a chore and I figured that was exercise lol

I would love to try out some more exercise classes – but my schedule doesn’t allow for that.  But for some of you out there classes may just suit.  What classes are you currently taking to help lose weight?

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