Friday, 10 August 2012

Style Icons - What makes and who is one?

Who is your style Icon? Whose fashion do you most admire and aspire to look like?
Magazines always talk about one person or another being a style icon and when I pondered this thought myself and I discovered that I don’t really have one particular person that I would call as a style icon.

What is a style icon for me? 

A style icon for me is someone who has poise, grace and this uncanny ability to look good and be in the exact right clothes for that exact occasion. 
For me at the moment that person is Princess Catherine.  This girl cannot put a single foot wrong in my books when it comes to fashion.  Just take a look at some of her styles that she has been wearing.

Even down to her attendance at the Olympic events she has nailed it each time. 

I think that she encompasses everything I believe a style Icon should be.

Being a style icon is also to do with confidence and how you wear something.   Many women believe it is to with the money that you spend on what you are wearing.  But it isn’t.  Being an icon is about how you wear something – no matter what the cost of it is.

Coco Chanel said it best – Fashion Fades – but style remains.

In terms of other celebrities I have not come across anyone who has the perfect style that fits like Princess Catherine.  However, out there in blogger land there are plenty of ladies who have the style that fits every occasion and looks fantastic.   These girls mix and play with style that suits their body and mixes in the trends that are out there in the fashion world.    These are ladies that I draw inspiration from -  they have taught me how to dress for my body and more importantly not to worry or focus too much on what is in trend right now. Take a look at some of these styles and fantastic ladies.

Check out their blogs for more fantastic style.   Who is your style Icon and what fashion blogs do you recommend.  Leave a comment below.


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