Wednesday, 8 August 2012

Weight Watchers - I'm Struggling!

At any given stage with weight loss, people struggle and at the moment I am struggling. I am currently at home and not working which means I am constantly walking to the cupboard and taking either a biscuit or a bar a chocolate. Anything that has sugar in it. This is not good. 

It is boredom pure and simple. 

I am constantly thinking of ways to keep myself busy.  This blog being one of them. I am not sure if any one really reads this page – I know I am getting hits each day but if anyone is reading I ain’t too sure.   But this is taking my time up each day and keeping me busy so for me its all good and if anyone out there is listening, well thank you and please take some time to connect with me on twitter or email.

Outside of my blog I can tell you that I have the cleanest house in Ireland.  In fact if I take out the vacuum cleaner another time I may not have any carpet on the floor. 
I am still walking – my exercise of choice – but I am finding it hard to stay about from the biscuit cupboard.  It is soooo all in my mind.  Boredom and hunger are easily confused.

When in work, I noticed that I had my scheduled break times – I always knew when it was 1030am as my tummy told so from hunger.  I always knew when lunch time was approaching – again my tummy told me so.
But when you are at home – your brain has more time to think and is not distracted by my usual work load – so I think my body is taking my mental slow down as being near that break time it is so used to having.  Hence getting hungry.  Outside of the above I am not doing much. All my friends and family are working so I am spending most of the day on my own.  This in itself is quite depressing which is why I am trying to fill my day as much as possible. 

I was last at a weight watchers meeting three weeks ago – I was up on the scales and while I wasn’t thrilled at that I wasn’t depressed from it and I thought hey I can get that down.  It has now been three  weeks since I stood on the scale and I am terrified.  Absolutely terrified. Actually beyond terrified. It is scary to be scared of a scales and in all fairness I know from my three years in weight watchers a scales is not that terrifying.  

We must accept what the scales said whether it is up or down – and we must treat each day as a new day and each weigh in as a new start.  So tomorrow is weigh in day and I am terrified. But stay in touch with me and we will see how we will overcome whatever the scales may say tomorrow.  I will post updates on twitter.

They say that the best thing that you can do is to drink water.  I am not a big water drinker – worse so since I am out of work.   But I am trying – ok well I have just taken out one bottle of water – but it is a start right. Water is not only good for your complexion but it is also good to make you feel full and not eat as much.  So the water drinking starts today! No more avoidance.  I am going to deal with this little podgy belly and this small thing called a weighing scales head on – and you know what ... I am gonna beat it. 

Do you have any tips and tricks to help ease this bad streak that I am going through at the moment –connect me with me on twitter or via email.


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