Tuesday, 7 August 2012

Reading and Money Saving. Yes, two go hand in hand.

Did you ever think that the two can be simultaneously linked? Well they are.   Are you a person who buys and reads at least 5 books a month?  Are you a person who spends money on books and then fail to read to them for months on end.

If you recognise yourself in any one of these descriptions than you need to join the library! The what!!! Never heard of it!  Yes, the library.   My local library is a fountain of books, cds, reference material – you name it and it is there.     And you can access it all for 15euro per year.   ( discounted or free in some cases depending on your circumstances)  You can take a book out for three weeks at a time – you can extend your “rental” on the book.   You can take our CD’s and DVDs for one week.  

With online access to the library you can extend the length of time you have a book or CD etc.  And what is wonderful about this whole system is that you can reserve a book, and they will email you when it is ready to be collected.  You can check what books are in stock – reserve it !  I love this system for when I read a review or see a recommendation online for a book – I go straight to the website for my library and add this book to my list  ( books I want to read in the future ) or request the book to be reserved.    Book worms don’t you just love it.

Ok enough gushing over my local library.  In terms of money saving it really is simple. Imagine it – you spend 10euro on each book that you have bought and read – per month that is 50euro but yet for 15 euro you have access to more books.   Money saving instantly.     In terms of my annual time in the library – I have saved myself an absolute fortune.   I am the person who buys a book and fails to read it - yuck needlessly spending money.   

Another good reason to join the library is trying new stuff – read a new author, a new style.  It is definitely more freeing.  But why not even pick up one of those books how to ... for dummies.  Learn something!

Other items available at some libraries are:
·         Audio books,
·         Language books,
·         Books in different languages,
·         Internet access so much more.

Recently, I took out “The Great Gatsby” It is a wonderful book and so different from my usual style of reading – chick lit and true romance.  I have also taken out books on fashion and make up and reference books for work on tips and ideas and how too.

But other than the above, there is a whole social aspect to your local library.   My library has regular talks from noted speakers whether it is from food to yoga or whatever.  Guess what its free!   There is also regular book clubs in the library so that you can join up and discuss their latest book. 

This is all for 15euro per year.  I think you can all see how this is money saving.   Check out your local library.

Are you already a member?  Any good books you can recommend. Even leave a link in the comment section to your local library.


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