Saturday, 4 August 2012

Beauty Day - Choosing the right foundation

The answer to this question is rather confusing isn’t it?   Well it doesn’t have to be.Here are a few things that you should know when choosing your perfect foundation.

Here is some useful information for you to read BEFORE you go and buy that new foundation you want. 
Know your skin type
Take some time and examine your skin type – is your skin oily?  Then look for something which is oil-free or mattifying on the bottle.  If you have dry skin look for something which says it is hydrating or moisture-rich.  If you have combination skin – it may be a little more hit and miss but cream to powder bases seem to work best.    A Mineral foundation will work good for everyone.

What coverage do you want?
Light? Medium?  If you have good skin overall, than you may consider a light coverage.  If you have alot of blemishes that you wish to cover a heavier foundation may suit you better.
For me – I may not have the best skin but I always feel that it is best to go for a light coverage this way it will look more natural and you will have a less made up look.
Liquid? Cream? Mousse? What the hell!
Yes, there are so many different types of foundations out there.   It is confusing to know what is going to work best for you.  These are some basic rules that I have found.
Liquid foundation works best for most skin types.  Remember to look at whether you are looking for oily skin or dryer skin.
Cream to powder formulas doesn’t work in an Irish climate.   I feel them very heavy on my skin and prefer them when I am in the sun as they tend to last longer than liquid foundation.
Cream formula is very full and quite heavy in its coverage.
Mousse is very light and airy in its texture.   It is good for someone starting out with makeup and a first timer. But for my skin (mid 30’s) it doesn’t seem to work for me.
Airbrush is the new kid in town.   It is more used by professional makeup artists than for us all on every day wear.  For me, it is too heavy to wear at any stage unless maybe Tyra Banks needs for me American’s Next Top Model.
Powder/Mineral - this really is a light coverage and doesn’t last that long.  Maybe for a few hours this would work quite well but my experience is don’t buy it. 

Ask the beauty consultant
It is recommended that you go to the beauty counter with no make on.  For me that will never happen so the best advice is to look at the colour on your neck.  This is the nearest match to your face and will allow you to judge if a colour is suitable for you.  The colour which most fades in to you is the best as this will be the most natural. Remember you are only looking at walking away with a sample – I am reminding you of this as the light in most stores is very deceptive and you could end up choosing the wrong foundation

Day versus Night
I always found that going darker for foundation in the night is a much better option as the lights in pubs and clubs can be deceptive and lighter make up ( for me ) can make me look sickly.  So I tend to go for a darker make up when I am going out.  I stick with the same brand for the night, but look at a shade or two darker.  This works best for me.  But again, get yourself a sample to work this out.

Getting Samples
Where do you get them? At your beauty counter is the best place to get make up advice for anything.  Make sure you bring a small sample bottle with you.  If you have a medicine bottle this will work quite well for you.   Alternatively, you can go on to a brand company’s website and email them requesting a sample, or take a look at their facebook page – they may also be offering samples.  Beauty magazines sometimes offer samples – these are good to use also.  So don’t be a snob – use the samples and ask for them if they are not there or offered.

This is the foundation that I have found works best for my skin - Clarins.  It is alittle expensive but shop around between stores and websites and you will find it at the right price to suit you.

I hope that you have found this article helpful - what foundation are you using right now?  Leave a mesage for me in the comments section


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