Thursday, 6 December 2012

Preparing your house for Christmas.

With less than one month to go to Christmas my thoughts have turned to preparing my house for the upcoming festivities.  I love the holidays, that holiday cheer that everyone has. It is defintely my favourite time of the year.  However, not only are my thoughts going towards putting up my Christmas decorations but I am also thinking about cleaning the house for the holiday period.  I suppose it is my version of a spring clean but a holiday clean.   So I have decided to plan everything out so that come Christmas week I don’t need to do too much other than the basic every day cleaning and enjoying the holidays.    So what’s on the to do list?

I am starting by listing each room in the house out on an excel spreadsheet, I don’t have a big house to clean so we are not talking major amount of rooms, but it is an average size house. 

Target date
Utility Room
Hall / Stairs / Landing
Living Room
Tv Room
Bedroom 1
Bedroom 2
Bedroom 3

You can see from my grid above that I have set a target date to tackle each room on. This means that from 20/12/2012 I will have a perfect pristine house just in time for when those visitors start calling over. I won’t need to worry about opening a cupboard and finding something out of date, or opening another cupboard and items falling out on my head. 

My schedule is a little spread out and I would love to be done before 20/12/2012 but I will just have to see how it all works out.

Each week I will post an update on the big Christmas clean up and let you know how it goes.  I feel the most important rooms to start with are the Kitchen and the Utility room.  Starting with the kitchen will allow me to go through the cupboards and actually see what food is in there, what is still in date ( shameful face) and what I need to throw out or buy for the upcoming holidays.

I have scheduled my hall/stairs and landing and the living and tv rooms for the same days that I intend to put up my Christmas tree and decorations this means it will all be done in one day in each room and I will be stressed out in to when to put these things up when I don’t have a room I am happy.  I am hoping to have these rooms cleared out alittle before then as I have junk cupboards and drawers in there that I would dearly love to eradicate completely.  I may just be wishful thinking here but I think it is worth a go don’t you?

There are countless blogs out there that will help you become organised for the holiday period, to schedule your cooking, cleaning and baking.   Try popping over to some of them to get some fantastic ideas on how to arrange your rooms so that organisation becomes a key component to your holiday season with little stress and fuss.

Let’s start cleaning now so that we can enjoy the holiday season.


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