Wednesday, 19 December 2012

Getting your house ready for the season

Ohh Christmas is just here, are you ready?   Here are some final tips for these last few days to ensure that you are ready for whatever over the next few days! 


Take a look around each of your party rooms.   Is there something there that shouldn’t be there?  Yes, well put it away.  Get it out of your sight for the next few days.  If you don’t need to see it either does any of your guests that are popping over.

Remember also that if you have a clear coffee table it is easier for people to leave down their drinks and not ruin your carpet by leaving a glass there.

Once you have your party rooms done – take a look over every other room in the house.


When throwing a party it is always essential that you have your bathroom perfect.  Make sure you have enough toilet rolls visible for your guests should the original roll run out.  Ensure your hand towel is clean and fluffy. I remember going to one party where the towel was damp when I got there.  Ewww I wasn’t impressed.  If you have a cabinet in your bathroom leave another towel or two out so people can easily move to another towel if they are not happy.   Always remember to make sure you have enough hand soap – go out and treat yourself to some fancy soap for the occasion.

Clean as you go.

Ok so you have the mega cleaning done on your house. But every day you need to make an effort so that you house is ready for entertaining.   Make time during most days to take out the hoover and give a quick run around.   Don’t forget to get clean down the kitchen as you go along.

Do you have any tips?


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